Homebase Customer Survey

The Homebase Customer Survey is based on a strong desire to take action and change. Customer satisfaction drives successful businesses. Such businesses have developed strategies and principles for achieving customer satisfaction. Such strategies are meant to improve the accessibility, responsiveness and quality of products and services provided by a business. In fact, research has shown a core set of actions and attributes of successful businesses. Regardless of whether these businesses provide the very best products and services in the market, they recognize that a satisfied customer is the key to their success. Therefore, they focus on achieving complete customer satisfaction and entrench this priority throughout the organization with a solid framework of practices, policies and information.

Homebase understands that the conversations people have with their families, colleagues and friends have a great impact on the decisions they make. In fact, many business owners consider word of mouth to be the strongest criteria when using a service or making purchases, which is why the company is eager to know what customers think about the products and services it offers. Companies can achieve sustainable improvements in performance by building value for their customers, which creates loyalty and organizational growth. Homebase wants to focus on value creation rather than profits alone. This means putting customers’ needs and satisfaction at the forefront and measuring it to determine failure or success. Measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty is measuring the strength between the company and the customer.

About Homebase

Homebase is a UK home improvement retail chain and garden center with more than 340 stores across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, most of which are out of town stores. Together with Argos, it is part of the Home Retail Group. GB-Inno-BM, a Belgian retailer, and Sainsbury’s founded Homebase in 1979, as Sainsbury’s Homebase.


Homebase sells more than 50,000 types of products for the garden and home to more than 64 million people each year, making it the leading home and general merchandize retailer in the United Kingdom.

How to Participate in the Homebase Customer Survey


You will need:

  • A valid Homebase store receipt with a survey Invitation
  • A computer or mobile device with Internet access
  • A basic understanding of English


  1. Visit the survey site at www.paintusapicture.com.
  2. Click continue to proceed.
  3. Enter the circled sequence of numbers from your survey invitation, the date, the time on your receipt, and the amount spent.
  4. Answer all questions honestly.
  5. Fill out your contact information to enter the contest.
  6. Submit the survey.

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Homebase values its customers as much as it does its employees. When an employee is disloyal to his/her employer, he/she will have little or no interest in the business’ success and growth. Similarly, is a consumer being not loyal to a certain business, he/she will defect and affect the business’ growth.

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