Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey

Despite the massive shift from paper to digital communications, post offices around the world still process a large number of items every day. These include personal letters, official documents, billing information, parcels of all sizes, and many more. Our fast-moving world has gotten us used to almost instant gratification such that the standards are higher even for traditional channels like the post office.

Are you satisfied with the service? Were your packages delivered as quick as you hoped or did you wait for a long time before getting them? Did they arrive in good condition or were they crumpled up when you got your hands on them? Was the local branch helpful when you made inquiries or asked for help? We all have stories to tell about the post office as it is an inescapable part of life. It is in our best interest to see it improve for future transactions. Fill up the Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey to help make this happen. Join the survey to help them shape their policies and get a chance to win prizes. Survey Details

Survey Name Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey
Survey Official Website
Survey Prize Win £100
Entry Method By Online
Receipt Valid 7 days from receipt date
Survey Limit One per person per receipt

About the UK Post Office

This state-owned company provides a variety of service for residents of the UK. These include financial services, postal services, bill payments, branch banking, ID services, telephony, postage stamps, and many more. It has existed in different forms since time immemorial but its current incarnation was founded in 1986. It headquarters is located along Finsbury Street in London which oversees thousands of branches across the country.


The Post Office is suffering from funding issues like many of its counterparts elsewhere. The government, however, is committed to its modernization with hundreds of millions of pounds earmarked for this continuing project. The organization is also undergoing a thorough overhaul to increase efficiency and profitability.

How to Enter the Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey

What You Need:

  • An Internet connection.
  • A post office receipt or invite card.
  • UK residency and over 18 years of age to qualify for prize draw.

Enter By Online:

  1. Go to for the survey.
  2. Choose between Receipt and Invite Card, whichever you have in your possession.
  3. Enter the branch post code. This can be found on the top left corner of the receipt.
  4. Indicate the time and date of your recent visit.
  5. Choose your main reason for visiting the local branch. Options include letters and parcels, banking and money, government services, travel, and other.
  6. You will then be asked for more specific details about your visit.
  7. Answer the survey questions including your satisfaction rating. There will be text boxes where you can expound on your answers.
  8. Complete the survey and submit.


The Post Office provides several important services for UK residents. It is vital for this organization to maintain a high standard. Fill up the survey to let them know how well they are performing and what they can do to improve.

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