Häagen-Dazs Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Successful companies focus on creating and reinforcing pleasant experiences in order to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Customer satisfaction is vital in the modern business climate. High satisfaction levels are strong predictors of customer loyalty, product repurchase, and customer retention. A properly designed customer satisfaction survey, such as the Häagen-Dazs Customer Satisfaction Survey, provides the insight that is the foundation to creating and strengthening satisfying customer experiences. Customer satisfaction reflects the experiences and expectations that customers have with a product and/or service. These expectations reflect both current and past product/service use experiences and evaluation.

Customers hold both implicit and explicit performance expectations for features, attributes, and benefits of services and/or products. The nature of these expectations should dictate the wording and even the form of survey questions. Implicit expectations are established by industries, business in general, cultures, and other companies. They reflect established norms of performance. Explicit expectations, on the other hand, are mental targets for product/service performance. Other customer expectations include static performance expectations, dynamic performance expectations, technological expectations, situational expectations, and interpersonal expectations. Businesses must understand these expectations to ensure their customer satisfaction research provides accurate insight.

About Häagen-Dazs

Häagen-Dazs is a popular brand of ice cream founded in the Bronx, New York in 1961. The brand started with only 3 flavors: coffee, chocolate, and vanilla, and opened its first retail outlet in 1976 in Brooklyn, New York.


Today, the company has franchises throughout the US and several other countries including the UK, Brazil, China and India. Its ice cream brand is famous for being one of a small number of brands not to make use of stabilizers. The company also produces ice cream cakes, ice cream bars, frozen yoghurt, sorbet, and gelato.

How to Enter the Häagen-Dazs Customer Satisfaction Survey

You will need:

  • A valid store receipt with a survey invitation
  • A PC or mobile device with Internet access
  • A basic understanding of English or Spanish

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit the survey site at www.ratehdshops.com.
  2. Choose your favored language.
  3. Enter the shop number printed on the survey invitation/receipt.
  4. If you have a promo code, enter it in the space provided.
  5. Enter the date and time of your visit, invoice number, and total amount spent.
  6. Answer all survey questions truthfully.
  7. Fill out your contact information to enter the prize draw.
  8. Submit the survey.


The Häagen-Dazs Customer Satisfaction Survey will help the company confirm what its customers like and dislike, as well as what they would love to see changed or improved. The company understands that the fastest and easiest way to improve is by listening to its customers and acting on what they really want. When you take and submit this survey, you will be invited to participate in a prize draw for ten opportunities to win a daily prize of $1,000, plus you could instantly win other great prizes worth $1,500 each week.

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