Burger King Netherlands Customer Experience Survey

The Burger King Netherlands Customer Experience Survey is being deployed so that diners in the country have a way to tell the management how they feel about the restaurant. It is composed of simple questions that shouldn’t take long to answer.

It’s crucial that you keep your receipt as it will have the code necessary to access the questionnaire. You can find the link below. Just follow the instructions and you should get a validation code upon completion. Use this to claim their offer.

RatemyBK.com Survey Details

Survey Name Burger King Netherlands Customer Experience Survey
Survey Official Website http://www.ratemybk.com
Survey Prize Get an Offer
Entry Method By Online
Survey Expiry Date Within 7 days
Survey Limit One survey per person per purchase

About Burger King

The US-based chain has invaded Europe including the Netherlands. It’s a thriving business with more than 15,000 locations and excellent brand recall. The offerings are classic American comfort food with their burgers being grilled to perfection.

Other items are sandwiches, salads, milkshakes, and breakfast meals. Pricing is competitive in this industry and food quality is pretty decent. Of course, you are the final judge of that in the survey.

How to Enter the Burger King Netherlands Customer Experience Survey

You Will Need:

  • A receipt from Burger King Netherlands.
  • A speedy Internet service.
  • A computer or smartphone to browse the site.
  • A few minutes to spare.
  • Familiarity with English, Spanish, or Dutch.

Take By Online:

  1. Go to the survey page at www.ratemybk.com.
  2. The cookie policy will be explained. Learn more by reading the privacy policy or continue to the next page. Shift between the Dutch, Spanish, and English languages according to your preference.
  3. On the welcome page, you’ll have to type the date, time, and restaurant number on your receipt.
  4. You will also be asked about the survey code. Press START to begin the survey.
  5. Assess your overall satisfaction based on the latest visit.
  6. Indicate the order type by choosing among the options.
  7. Gauge your approval of specific elements in the restaurant including the food and the staff.
  8. Given all that you have witnessed, assess the probability that you will return within the month.
  9. Virtually the whole menu will be listed. Check everything that was included in your order.
  10. They are particularly interested in your level of satisfaction with their burgers. Provide your honest opinion.
  11. More specific questions will be asked on the next page. Indicate your satisfaction level with the size of the item, its appearance, its value, its taste, and its packaging. Indicate the likelihood that you’ll buy it again.
  12. Describe your companions in a general sense and indicate how you learned about the survey.
  13. Answer the classification questions.
  14. Explain your ratings in greater depth.
  15. Get your validation code and use it accordingly.

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