Rugged Wearhouse Customer Experience Survey

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Rugged Wearhouse is a clothing, accessories, footwear and home goods chain known for its sensational bargains and designer labels offered at deep discounts. Though small, Rugged Wearhouse is continually growing to meet the demands of its ever-expanding audience.

Part of what has helped Rugged Wearhouse grow over the years is its commitment to customer satisfaction and listening to what their consumers have to say. For this reason, the company created the Rugged Wearhouse customer experience survey to help its consumers to share their experiences and ideas. The Rugged Wearhouse customer experience survey can be found by visiting

About Rugged Wearhouse

Always in stock, Rugged Wearhouse proudly carries thousands of basics to dress the entire family along with items to make your home more beautiful. Many of the items carried at Rugged Wearhouse are designer brands that are available through the chain at 70% off retail. Each store receives 2 shipments per week of new and exciting deals to keep their inventory fresh. These items are displayed at the Associates Display area.


The Insider Rewards Loyalty Club offers email updates and offers to fan of Rugged Wearhouse, helping you to save even more on the company’s already low prices. The chain currently boasts of 63 locations in the United States throughout Georgia, Delaware, Kentucky, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia.

How to Enter the Rugged Wearhouse Customer Experience Survey


What You Will Need:

  • A working internet connection.
  • A few minutes out of your day.
  • Your Rugged Wearhouse register receipt.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit
  2. Get out your Rugged Wearhouse register receipt and keep it handy.
  3. Enter the date of your Rugged Wearhouse purchase into the provided box.
  4. Enter the store number where you made your purchase into the box.
  5. Enter the register number located on your register receipt.
  6. Click the “next” button.
  7. Answer the remaining questions. They will be specific to your Rugged Wearhouse visit and purchase.
  8. Don’t forget to enter Rugged Wearhouse’ drawing for a chance to win a $100 gift card to spend inside their stores.


Rugged Wearhouse is a dedicated American company that is passionate about keeping the customers that it serves happy and coming back for a lifetime. It is the help and voice of consumers like you that have helped to make this chain what it has become today. The decision makers at this fast-growing discount store would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on their merchandise, their staff and the experiences that you have had in their stores. Take a moment out of your busy day to tell Rugged Wearhouse about your purchase and become a part of what makes this chain a small but sensational American favorite.

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