Boy Scouts of America Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Powered by ICC Decision Services, the Boy Scouts of America customer satisfaction survey is a tool through which Boy Scouts of America (BSA) tries to find out the shopping experience of its customers, and how happy or dissatisfied they are with the store. BSA has been in the merchandise business for a long time now but its inclination toward wanting to know what its patrons have to say about its offerings is an approach that has kept BSA going strong for so many years.

Through Morganville Scout Shop, BSA sells national scout merchandise. The shop sells clothing, badges, woggles, travel and camping equipment, training insignia, and a variety of other branded products. Through the survey, BSA wants to find out customers’ shopping experience at its official store. BSA is keen on knowing how satisfied customers are with the merchandise offered and if there is any other item they would like to see Morganville Scout Shop selling. BSA is also open to criticism or negative feedback from its buyers regarding the items sold. Though BSA has been around for several decades, it still believes customer has the final word and would want their feedback to improve its store and offerings further.

About Boy Scouts of America

BSA is America’s most prominent and largest organization for value-based youth development. It offers a youth-centric program that helps the young population of America build character. It teaches them the importance of citizen participation and personal fitness. For over a century, BSA has helped America’s future leaders by merging lifelong values and educational activities within them.


BSA has been around for more than a century. Having served an industry for more than 100 years is a gargantuan milestone in itself, and BSA is still going strong. The organization believes the youth is the future of the country. Helping youngsters is in a way akin to helping build a more responsible, conscientious, and productive society.

How to Enter the Boy Scouts of America Customer Satisfaction Survey


You Will Need:

  • A computer or mobile device with Internet access.
  • A valid Morganville Scout Shop receipt.
  • Ability to read and comprehend English.

Enter By Online:

  1. For the survey, head to The survey should not take more than five minutes to complete.
  2. On the page, you would be asked to fill the following details: scout store you visited, transaction number, associate number, total purchase amount, and visit date and time. All these details can be found on your receipt.
  3. Answer all the survey questions based on your shopping experience when you last visited the store. Put forward your thoughts in an honest and candid manner.
  4. BSA conducts sweepstakes once every 30 days. Complete this survey and you would become eligible for the draw.

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