Shaws Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Today’s modern consumers demand information about customer satisfaction levels before making purchases. That is what Shaws Customer Satisfaction Survey found here is all about. It is vital to any organization, on their quest to maximize profits, that they understand how to better serve customers. This survey provides customer feedback to help improve upon Shaw’s products and customer service with the goal in mind of ultimately increasing the number of people who rely on what this company has to offer.

All feedback is welcome, negative and positive, as long as it is a candid view of actual customer experiences. It is through this feedback that the company can make decisions that favorably impact its future. This customer satisfaction survey provides definitive insights into how customers perceive Shaw’s and whether or not they are likely to return. It also helps employees identify area for which improvements can be made to create long lasting relationships with customers.

About Shaw’s

George C. Shaw started his first grocery store in Portland, Maine, USA in 1860 and just a few years later a fellow New Englander, Maynard A. Davis opened a Public Market in Brockton, Massachusetts and New Bedford. These two men may not have known it then, but they were sewing the seeds of what today has become Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc. The chain has been going strong ever since with no end to this legacy in sight.


Today, 150 years later, this favorite food and drug retailer continues thriving as Shaw’s and Star Market. There are 154 locations with about 19,000 employees operating in five New England states and the chain represents one of the longest lasting, continuously operating supermarkets in these United States. Its roots run deep and that means it is going nowhere any time soon.

How to Enter the Shaws Customer Satisfaction Survey

What You Need:

  • Internet access for a computer or mobile device.
  • Survey invitation on a valid receipt.
  • The ability to read and understand the English language.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit the Shaws Customer Service Survey at
  2. Select the location visited including state and store number.
  3. Enter the transaction (Trx) number, oper number, term number, date and time.
  4. Enter your email address and click next.
  5. Answer all the questions on the survey candidly.
  6. Specify if you want to be entered in the prize drawing.
  7. Fill in your contact information.
  8. Hit the submit the survey button.


The principal goal of any business is to achieve customer satisfaction because that increases profits. In today’s marketplace where communication between consumers is rapid and ongoing, it is important to know what they are sharing with each other. To maintain growth in this competitive climate, companies must pay close attention to what customers are saying and do everything they can to keep them happy. As a reward for taking Shaws Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will have the chance to enter a sweepstakes drawing.

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