Shoe Carnival Customer Feedback Survey

In any business, it is imperative to acknowledge that customers are a wealth of information, and have first-hand experience on how it feels to be a customer to your business. These customers could be customers to your competitors, and have a great insight on what needs to be done to improve service provision and product quality. While most businesses may be aware of the need to make improvements, they may lack adequate information to effectively achieve the desired result. One of the most effective tools to obtain this information is by use of a customer feedback survey.

Research shows that, it is 5 to 10 times more expensive to attract new customers than to keep existing ones. Also, when a customer is dissatisfied with the service, they may express their opinions to other customers, in turn, hurting the business. Customer feedback surveys are a helpful way to let the customers speak their mind. This is why the Shoe Carnival customer feedback survey is an invaluable tool for the business. Details

Survey Name Shoe Carnival Customer Feedback Survey
Survey Official Website
Survey Prize Win a $200 Shoe Carnival Gift Card
Entry Method By Online
Survey Expiry Date Within 7 days
Offer Expiry Date
Offer Limit 1 offer per person per visit

About Shoe Carnival

Shoe Carnival is a leading retailer of family footwear, offering a wide variety of affordable athletic and casual footwear for women, men and children. The stores also sell accessories such as shoe care items, wallets, handbags and socks. Shoe Carnival was started in 1978 by David Russell with its headquarters in Evansville, Indiana. Today, there are over 400 stores spread across the United States and Puerto Rico.


Shoe Carnival has a high appreciation of its customers, and was rated one of the “100 most trustworthy Companies” by the influential Forbes Magazine. They have a unique concept that makes them one of a kind. Their random ‘specials’ announcements over the microphone, and tightly timed promotions, create a burst of urgency to make purchases at a discounted price.

How to Enter the Shoe Carnival Customer Feedback Survey

You Will Need:

  • A mobile device, PC or laptop with internet access
  • A valid receipt from a Shoe Carnival outlet from your most recent visit
  • Basic understanding of English

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit the customer satisfaction survey website at
  2. Enter the store number and the sales date as they appear on the receipt.
  3. Enter the transaction number at the bottom of the receipt.
  4. Read the questions provided and answer truthfully.
  5. Fill out your contact details in the form provided.
  6. Click next to submit the completed survey.


Shoe Carnival understands the importance of customer feedback and values all customers who have taken the time to participate in the survey. They acknowledge that customers need to express their opinions and expect their issues to be addressed. The opinion of the customers also motivates employees to perform better. In business, the level of customer satisfaction is directly proportional to employee performance.

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