Shop ‘n Save Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Shop ‘n Save Customer Satisfaction Survey can be found at The survey is rather simple but does ask penetrating questions that help Shop ‘n Save customers communicate important information to the company. The survey was created by Service Management Group, which has been building effective and simple surveys for some time. The goal is to create a healthy channel of communication between the company and customers.

Shop ‘n Save uses the data to enhance training to match customer expectations. This could include things like providing quicker service or offering help a little quicker as customers browse the store. The survey also highlights weak areas of the company, which the managers can work on.

About Shop ‘n Save

Shop ‘n Save is a popular retailer and grocery store, which is headquartered in Kirkwood, Missouri. Most of the people who visit the store are loyal because the retailer provides a full shopping experience. Customers know that the store is always stocked with everyday necessities, and prices are always reasonable. The store was founded back in 1979, but it was acquired by Wetterau Inc in 1992, though this did not last long as it was later acquired by SuperValu. Its chain of grocery stores now span over 40 stores in different states in the US.


The store carries things like fresh baked goods, dairy, a full deli section, frozen foods, everyday groceries, a variety of meats, produce, seafood, snacks, and even liquor. Those who need their prescriptions filled or need to pick up a few over-the-counter pharmacy items can do this at Shop ‘n Save, too.

How to Enter the Shop ‘n Save Customer Satisfaction Survey


You Will Need:

  • You will need a mobile or smart device that has wi-fi capabilities to connect to the internet.
  • A computer with internet capabilities will work, too.
  • A valid receipt with an invitation to the survey will be required.
  • You will need to understand the English language.

Enter By Online:

  1. Go to to start the Shop ‘n Save Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  2. You will be asked to enter the receipt code to begin the survey and will be asked several questions about your visit.
  3. Try to remember everything that happened during the visit, especially anything negative as it will be helpful.
  4. You will be entered into a sweepstakes when you submit the survey. There will be a validation number that will confirm your entry at the end of the survey, which should be saved. Of course, the offer cannot be duplicated, transferred, or sold.


Entering the information should be a breeze, and being entered into a lucrative sweepstakes makes everyone a winner. Of course, the most important benefit is that a customer can share his or her experience with Shop ‘n Save.

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