Springleaf Financial Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

———-The Survey is now Closed!———-

The Springleaf Financial Services Customer Satisfaction Survey was created to help us better serve our customers. The survey will help Springleaf determine whether they are on the right track or whether they need to up their game.

So, you should answer the survey as honestly and frankly as you can. All feedback is used constructively to make Springleaf a better place for customers. By participating in this survey, you will be directly responsible for the improvements that result from it.

About Springleaf Financial Services

Springleaf Financial Services is an American financial services provider, based in Evansville, Indiana. It is one of the biggest and most reputable consumer finance organizations in America today. The provide various types of financial services, from credit insurance to personal loans and beyond.


The company had its humble beginnings in an interstate financial co-operation. Today, it has one mission and that is to enable people to achieve their goals in life by offering simpler, better and faster financial services and products.

How to Enter the Springleaf Financial Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

What You Will Need:

  • A computer or any other smart device.
  • Internet access.
  • You must be over the age of 18.
  • You must be able to read and understand English.
  • You must be an American citizen or at least reside in the United States of American.

Enter By Online:

  1. To begin the survey, click on the survey link: www.springleaf.com/survey.
  2. You should then choose the name of the state and branch that you visited.
  3. Also state the reason for you visit, example personal loan, insurance etc.
  4. Thereafter, you will be asked to rate your experience with them and also let them know whether you would consider referring them to family and friends.
  5. You will also be asked to describe the service you received from them in more detail and your likelihood of doing further business with them in the future.
  6. Once you are done with the survey, you have the option of participating in the lucky prize draw or not. If you decide to participate, you will be asked to leave your contact details.


If you have plans for your future, but need a financial services provider who can work with you to make those dreams come to pass, you should deal with Springleaf Financial Services. Springleaf has been providing custom financial services products and services to clients for many years. They believe in helping people realize their dreams and this is why they are always looking for ways to cater to clients from all walks of life. Their services are honest and reliable.

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