Staples/Bureau en gros Customer Satisfaction Survey

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No business is perfect. Even the most successful ones still have the potential to improve but they have to know what their blind spot are in order to correct them. That’s why there’s the Staples/Bureau en gros Customer Satisfaction Survey for interested shoppers. If you have some strong opinions about the store chain, the go ahead and tell them exactly how you feel through this channel. Have them know what’s on your mind.

Staples is a popular brand that enjoys a great deal of trust from its customers. Yet it is not content to rest on its laurels. After all, there are countless competitors all trying to break through and take over the top spot. Even long-time shoppers can switch their allegiance to other shops if the company ignores their pleas. With the survey, they always have an ear on the ground ready to pick up the latest developments in consumer sentiment.

About Staples

Staples is known as a US-based company but it has expanded its presence beyond the borders. The Canadian division is particularly successful. This used to be called the Business Depot until it was bought completely by the American Giant and renamed for uniformity. The office supply specialist has its headquarters in Ontario which oversees over three hundred locations across the country. They employ more than 15,000 workers and generate billions of dollars in annual revenue.

There are various departments within each store. The main draw is the office supplies department which sells items like paper, pens, folders, and other essentials. Another important one is the furniture department where people can purchase desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and the like. Given the nature of modern offices, there is a technology department which has computers, printers, projectors, and even cash registers. There are also services available like system installation, networking, repairs, printing, photocopying, and so on.


How to Enter the Staples/Bureau en gros Customer Satisfaction Survey


You Will Need:

  • An Internet connection.
  • Knowledge of English or French.
  • A computer with updated browser.
  • A bit of time to focus on the survey.
  • Canadian residency to be eligible for the sweepstakes.

Enter By Online:

  1. Go to to begin.
  2. Choose your preferred language: English or French.
  3. Get your recent receipt from a Staples purchase.
  4. Enter the survey access code located near the bottom, under the barcode.
  5. Begin the survey.
  6. Answer all the questions from personal experience and submit.


Staples Canada is one-stop shop for various office needs. Countless businesses and individuals rely on their stores to maintain efficiency and productivity. If you have been a long-time customer, then consider sharing your personal experiences with the company. Rate their service and provide constructive feedback through the survey.

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