Loblaw Grocery Survey

If you are an avid shopper at Loblaw Grocery store, then you might want to provide some feedback about your experience on your last visit. The owners of Loblaw Grocery store would like to get to know their customers better. So, any information about what you like or dislike would be appreciated.

This is not limited to the products and services offered, but could extend to the displays, customer service, environment and so on. So, try to be as honest as possible so that your feedback can be used to improve the quality of service offered. Ultimately, the Loblaw Grocery Survey is intended to make your customer experience better than it ever was before.

About Loblaw Grocery Store

Loblaw Grocery store is one of Canada’s biggest grocery and drug stores. It has branches across the country and currently employs 200,000 Canadians nationally. They offer 3 popular brands which are No Name, Presidents Choice and Life Brand. Loblaw believes in giving back to the community, so why not support a retailer that gives you something back in return.


They offer various services to make life more convenient, such as no fee banking, discounts on food items and affordable clothing for the family. So, if you are looking for everything you need under one roof, Loblaw Grocery store is the place for you. If you want good food at reasonable prices and clothing for your entire family at a price you can afford, there is only once store to shop at.

How to Participate in the Loblaw Grocery Survey

What You Will Need:

  • An Internet connection.
  • A device that can access the Internet.
  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You must have a few minutes to complete the questionnaire.
  • You must reside in Canada.
  • You must have an invitation to the survey.


  1. You should see an invitation to participate in the survey on you store receipt.
  2. If you do not have one you go to this web page: www.storeopinion.ca, or simply answer a few questions about the groceries you bought.
  3. There after fill in your contact details so you can be entered into the sweepstakes for one of $5,000 CDN or one of $1,000 CDN.

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Loblaw grocery store has various community initiatives such as the Presidents Choice Children’s Charity. Whenever you donate a dollar, it goes towards feeding, clothing and educating disadvantaged children. Overall speaking Loblaw believes in serving the community with passion, sourcing goods with integrity and respecting our environment. This is why they believe in giving back to the community in more ways than one. Loblaw has partnered with and assists food banks around Canada in an initiative to feed 800,000 Canadians who turn to these food banks each month.

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