Tops Markets Customer Satisfaction Survey

———-The Survey is now Closed!———-

Customer surveys are a critical part of running successful businesses. They measure how satisfied customers are with a company’s offerings, offer an opportunity to build personal relationships with customers and help determine critical needs. The Tops Markets Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to accomplish all these. The company will take both criticism and praise to heart to fulfill the needs of its customers, build loyalty and attract enthusiastic referrals. To deliver a great customer experience that builds loyalty, Tops Friendly Markets is eager to listen to its customers. Customers are a wealth of information and can help businesses develop better products and services that provide more value.

In fact, the most unsatisfied customers tend to be the greatest source of information and learning. By listening to customers’ opinions and suggestions, Tops Markets will be able to build stronger relationships, minimize customer defections, and increase customer satisfaction.

Customer feedback can help bring purpose to a business’ products and services. It is the customer that pays, so it is wise to listen to them. Actionable customer feedback allows for better business decisions. Whether it is decisions about the way services are delivered or the product quality, customers can give the best advice. They can tell when the products and/or services on offer are below expectations, and praise a business if it is doing things right.

About Tops Friendly Markets


Tops Markets is a supermarket chain headquartered in Williamsville, New York. The chain operates stores in northern, central, and western New York, as well as in Vermont and northern Pennsylvania. The company strives to offer customers an exceptional experience every time they visit their stores. Founded in the 1920s, the company work hard to ensure every customer need is met.

How to Enter the Tops Markets Customer Satisfaction Survey


You will need:

  • A valid Tops store receipt with a survey invitation
  • A computer or mobile device with Internet access
  • A basic understanding of English

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit the survey site at
  2. Select the Tops Markets location you visited, the date you visited, your email address, the time of day the visit took place, and the purchase amount.
  3. Answer all questions candidly.
  4. Fill out your contact information if you want to participate in the prize draw.
  5. Submit the survey.


By collecting customer feedback Tops Markets will identify customers who are completely satisfied and those who are unhappy. These customers will tell the company how they really feel. This information is quite valuable. Customers will tell it like it is. The company will then use the feedback to provocatively and quickly solve any problems that may be causing unhappy customers. Tops Markets thanks you for your time and interest in completing this survey, which takes about four minutes of your time. When you submit it, you will be eligible to win a prize.

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