99 Cents Only Stores Customer Satisfaction Survey

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The 99 Cents Only Stores Customer Satisfaction Survey was created after collecting information from the company itself. Every company that needs a customized survey has a particular goal or set of questions they would like customers to answer. Making sure the survey answers those questions as accurately as possible is part of what Service Management Group does so well. This company has been creating company-specific surveys for years, and they have all been effective.

The 99 Cents Only company has been attempting to figure out how the business is perceived by customers for some time. Image is very important, especially with a changing culture that seems to be more aware of a company’s culture than before. It was also important for the 99 Cents Only Stores company to know if expectations are being met and if employees are treating customers well. The company knows that employees represent the brand, so knowing that hiring and training practices are effective matters. Any shortcomings will be highlighted, and the company can find ways to address these issues.

About 99 Cents Only Stores

99 Cents Only Stores are all over the United States. It is a popular store with bargains that only cost 99 cents or less. Of course, there are a number of items that cost a little more, but most shoppers know their prices are quite inexpensive. This is an American price-point retailer chain that is based in Commerce California. The store was founded by David Gold back in 1969.


Of course, the stores were concentrated in California in its early stages, but it did begin to grow and leach over into states like Nevada and Texas. The store sales everything from snacks, household items, car maintenance items, tools, groceries, and many other everyday needs. There are now almost 400 stores throughout the country, and the company employees more than 11,500 people, though that number is probably growing since the stores are expanding.

How to Enter the 99 Cents Only Stores Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • Internet access is a must, so you will need a WIFI-enabled device.
  • Must be able to read and understand English or Spanish.
  • You will need a valid receipt to take the survey.

Enter By Online:

  1. Go directly to www.tell99.com so that you can enter the survey.
  2. Try to be honest about the experience as this will be more helpful.
  3. Enter the information that is asked for, which is on the receipt. This includes the visit date and time along with the bar code. It will also ask for the employee’s name.
  4. You will need to share personal information including contact information.
  5. Those who need to take the survey in Spanish will be prompted to another page.

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