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While small stores can keep in touch with their clients through email and telephonic conversations, and seek their advice regarding how to improve their stores, it is a different story altogether for huge stores that have tens of thousands of customers on their list. Online surveys are a blessing in disguise for such stores as they allow their customers to participate in these surveys from the comfort of their home. The executives of these companies input the feedback received from such surveys into computers to calculate the exact demands of their clients and find out how to improve their services.

You can participate in this survey, powered by First Choice’s internal survey engine, and provide them with your valuable feedback that will help them improve your shopping experience. First Choice appreciates your feedback, which you can provide by completing the survey, which takes a few minutes to complete.

About First Choice

First choice is unarguably one of the leading Australian stores that specialize in selling a wide range of liquor. With 75 stores across the country, they offer customers a wide range of premixed spirits and drinks, ciders, beers, champagne, and wines. Their website allows customers to find a store located close to them, set their preferred store to place orders online and visit the same, to collect it. If you are looking to present a bottle of sparkling champagne or any other liquor to your friends or colleagues, this is the ideal store. Visit their `gift finder’ section for further information.


You first need to register with their website to complete any transaction. Do not forget to check their `specials’ section that includes valued bundles too. Their two in one bundle allows you to purchase a bottle of selected wines, listed on their site, for just $70 and offers you the option to purchase a Bose speaker at a discount of $120. First Choice also offers free home delivery when you place an order for $150 or more.

How to Enter the Tell First Choice Customer Survey

What You Will Need:

  • A reliable internet connection.
  • A net enabled device for completing the survey like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to go online to participate in the survey.
  • 10 minutes to complete the survey.
  • Be a resident of Australia.
  • Be of legal age.
  • Possess a purchase receipt from one of their outlets (you also have the option of participating in their survey without a receipt).

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit the Tell First Choice Customer Survey at
  2. Fill up the details printed on the receipt such as the date, time, and the 13-digit receipt number (not applicable if you plan to complete the survey without a receipt).
  3. Complete their survey by answering a couple of questions.

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