Fresco Y Mas Customer Experience Survey

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The team at Fresco Y Mas wants you to continue being their loyal customer and they are ready to do a lot to maintain your loyalty. Just tell them about your last shopping experience by completing Fresco Y Mas Customer Experience Survey and you will receive 5% off your next $40 shopping.

The men and women at Fresco Y Mas value your feedback. They appreciate your time to complete the survey. Your input will help the company to improve the shopping experience. You can rest assured that someone will review your feedback and the appropriate action taken. If you have a complaint, raise it. Basing on the negative feedback received, the company will determine the most appropriate corrective measure. Fresco Y Mas also welcomes positive feedback. Compliments received will motivate staff to continue with the good work and even improve service delivery further.

About Fresco Y Mas

Fresco Y Mas is the authentic Hispanic grocery store. It is a foods and drinks company. There are 11 Fresco Y Mas grocery stores in South Florida. Founded in 2016, this grocery chain continues to expand in Florida. Presently, this chain employs more than 1,000 people.


Fresco Y Mas butcher shop allows customers to customize their meat. Customers get to choose from half top round, whole, T-bone, and other options. The chefs at Fresco Y Mas usually make a wide range of delicious dishes from scratch including mojo pork and arroz congris. Fresco Y Mas has over 600 items ranging from beauty products to grocery.

How to Enter the Fresco Y Mas Customer Experience Survey

What You Will Need:

  • A computer or a smartphone.
  • An internet connection.
  • An understanding of English or Spanish.
  • A valid Fresco Y Mas receipt.

Enter By Online:

  1. Have your receipt ready.
  2. Go to to access Fresco Y Mas Customer Experience Survey.
  3. Enter the 18-digit code found at the bottom of your receipt and click the start button.
  4. Follow all the instructions. You will need to answer some questions.
  5. After you complete the survey, you will get a gift card.


The mantra of Fresco Y Mas is customer first. This guides every element of business operations. Fresco Y Mas is in business because of the thousands of people who visit its stores on a daily basis. This enterprise appreciates your business and its management and employees are looking for ways to serve you better. That is why there is Fresco Y Mas Customer Experience Survey. This gives you the opportunity to tell the company how you feel about the last service that you received from Fresco Y Mas. You will also have the chance to express your level of satisfaction with the last product that you bought from Fresco Y Mas.

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