Gymboree Play & Music Guest Survey

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The Gymboree Play & Music Guest Survey is composed of a series of questions geared towards gauging customer satisfaction. It is available for all shoppers who want to say something to the management and rate the service. Use it to register your approval or disapproval of how they do things. Tell them about specific incidents that have affected your perception of the facilities. Give your suggestions on how they could make things better for you and your child.

The management collects the data from the survey on a regular basis. They analyze their progress and get ideas from the feedback. Your voice matters to Gymboree so make yourself heard through this channel. It won’t take up much of your time and you might just see your ideas being implemented in the future. Go to today to begin.

About Gymboree Play & Music

Gymboree started out as a retail chain that specializes in children’s apparel. Its headquarters is located in San Francisco but its stores are present all over the US. and all across the globe. It has since expanded into other businesses such as children’s classes. Play & Music centers welcome kids who want to learn how to play different instruments, receive training in various art forms, learn a host of school skills, and many more. There are currently around 650 sites all over the world.


Parents who wish to raised well-rounded kids can depend on Gymboree to help them achieve this goal. There are lots of options for children ages 5 years and below. If you are still on the fence, then try the free class pass to take a peek at the facilities and see whether it works out for your child. Gymboree can also organize birthday parties with fun themes and activities. Examples include Princess Playhouse, Sports Galore, and Dinosaur Adventures.

How to Enter the Gymboree Play & Music Guest Survey


You Will Need:

  • A stable Internet connection.
  • A computer with up-to-date browser.
  • A few minutes to answer the questions.

Enter By Online:

  1. Go to to start the survey.
  2. Select your state or province from the drop-down menu.
  3. Indicate the site that you visit the most often.
  4. Indicate whether you would recommend Gymboree to your friends on a scale of 1 to 5.
  5. Provide your feedback on the staff and their level of service.
  6. Rate the program in terms of timeliness, teacher expertise, and class content.
  7. Rate the center’s cleanliness.
  8. Complete the rest of the survey.


Gymboree Play & Music provides a venue for little kids to learn things beyond school. Those who are interested can become members for a monthly fee that depends on the classes to be taken. If you have recently gone to one of its locations, tell them about your experience through the survey.

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