Halfords Customer Experience Survey

A good customer experience survey should focus on measuring customer opinions on how well the business delivers on the critical dimensions and factors of the business, including factors such as staff responsiveness, promptness, and understanding of customers’ needs. Successful businesses put the relationships they have with their customers first. Their marketing, services, and products may have helped them win over those customers, but the only way to retain them is to ensure that each customer feels a connection to the business. There is no better way to measure and evaluate customer experience than a customer experience survey. It is the only tool that allows businesses to find out how their customers feel and what they want. The Halfords Customer Experience Survey is designed to track customer satisfaction, understand customers’ needs, spot problem areas, and fix any problems that affect customers.

Customer satisfaction is the extent to which there is a correlation between the customer’s service and/or product expectations and the actual performance of the service/product. Customer expectations are based on information they receive from past experience, promotions, friends, family, and research. Customer satisfaction is a key measure of the ability of a business to successfully meet or surpass the needs of its customers. It demonstrates a business’s effectiveness and worth to its stakeholders. It has been said countless times that the customer is always right. That, however, does not translate to them always being happy or satisfied.

About Halfords

Halfords is a British retailer of automobile parts, enhancements, touring, camping and bicycles. The company also provides MOT test, repairs and service in the UK, through Halfords Autocenter.


Founded in 1892, Halfords is the leading motoring and cycling retailer in the UK. It prides itself in offering the highest quality automobile products to keep vehicles moving.

How to Participate in the Halfords Customer Experience Survey


You will need:

  • A valid Halfords purchase receipt with a survey invitation
  • A computer or mobile device with Internet access
  • A basic understanding of English


  1. Visit www.tellhalfords.com.
  2. Select your method of shopping.
  3. Enter the store number, till number, transaction number, and amount spent to begin the survey.
  4. Select the date of your visit.
  5. Select the time of your visit.
  6. Answer all survey questions candidly.
  7. Fill out your contact information to be used to contact you if you are a prize winner.
  8. Submit the survey.

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The only way businesses can really know how satisfied their customers are being to ask them. However, getting them to share their perceptions is not so easy. Today, people are very busy and may not be willing to take time out of their busy schedules to provide feedback. Many unhappy customers simply choose to take their business elsewhere instead of expressing their concerns/grievances. Fortunately, the Halfords Customer Experience Survey is a brief online questionnaire you can complete in less than ten minutes. In exchange for your valuable time and feedback, Halfords will give you the opportunity to win a £250 gift card to spend on your future purchases.

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