Izzo’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

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In view of the competitive business atmosphere of today, it has become paramount for all businesses to stay up-to-date with customer expectations. Guest or customer satisfaction surveys serve as a great tool to that end. They allow the business, no matter what niche it is catering to, to understand changing customer behavior and expectations and plan their future policy upgrades based on the findings.

Basically, guest satisfaction surveys tell the companies what are going right with their current model and what, if any, is amiss with it. A properly designed questionnaire for a survey can provide a business ample insight into these. What then follows is a thorough analysis of the findings from the surveys and subsequently implementation of changes that are deemed necessary.

About Izzo’s

Izzo’s Illegal Burrito is a fast-casual Mexican eatery chain offering authentic Mexican food items to its customers. Founded by Ozzie Fernandez and Gary Kovacs, Izzo’s opened its first store right across the south gates of LSU in the state of Louisiana in July 2001. Since then, the eatery has a come a good way down the road and now boasts of 17 locations in different parts of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.


The main draw of the restaurant chain is its signature ‘Roll Your Own’ concept which offers the guests to customize their own burrito with a wide variety of filling ingredients in offer. Although the burritos are the most popular item with the Izzo’s patrons, the restaurant menu also includes a variety of staple Mexican food items including tacos, quesadillas, nachos, Mexican salad, tortillas and more. Customers can also opt for their ‘burrito in a bowl’ in place of customary tortilla-wrapped burritos.

How to Enter the Izzo’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • Access to internet plus any device (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet) that supports internet browsing.
  • The store number that is printed at the bottom of an Izzo’s receipt. You will be requested to enter the number at the beginning of the survey.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit www.tellizzo.com to start the survey.
  2. Once you enter the survey, you will be asked what type of feedback (suggestion, compliment, concern, other) you wish to provide and what your feedback relates to (i.e., nutrition, ingredients, menu items, wait time, service, cleanliness, etc.).
  3. Once you have specified this, you can provide your feedback in detail in a box provided for this purpose.
  4. You can then choose to have an Izzo’s representative contact you about your experience in which case you will need to provide your contact details. Or, you can skip this option if you prefer.
  5. Next, you may answer some more particular questions about your experience of visiting an Izzo’s store. Or, if you feel that is irrelevant and you have already provided the information you had wanted to you can terminate the survey there.
  6. At the end of the survey, you will be gifted a redemption code that you can use during your next visit to Izzo’s.


As a fast-growing food destination in the southeastern states, Izzo’s is committed to provide optimum customer satisfaction to its clients. As a patron, you can lend them a hand by completing the Izzo’s Guest Satisfaction Survey. This way the company will have a better comprehension of customer expectations and will be better able to fulfill them.

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