Marco’s Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey

There are many ways to quantitatively measure how a company’s support team is performing; however, there are fewer ways to assess the thought and care being put into their replies. Measuring customer satisfaction, therefore, becomes the most effective metric. A customer satisfaction survey should measure a few basic questions: are customer expectations being met? Do customers experience any problems while shopping? How likely are they to recommend the company to their friends and colleagues? As markets shrink, businesses are rushing to improve customer satisfaction to keep their existing customers. They understand that it costs less to keep loyal customers than it does to chase after new ones. The Marco’s Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey will help the restaurant chain keep its customers happy and satisfied. It will give customers a chance to voice their opinions, needs, and concerns.

In the past, companies were focused exclusively on financial statements such as income statements. Recently, however, businesses recognize that the modern marketplace has changed things forever. Stiffer competition, shrinking markets, and increased market volatility have indicated to modern business owners that their focus must change. Businesses that are succeeding in the current global economy understand that measuring customer satisfaction is vital. Only by gathering customer feedback and measuring satisfaction levels can businesses hold on to the customers they have and find ways to attract new ones. Smart business owners recognize that customer satisfaction is a key strategic weapon that can bring increased profits and increased market share. Survey Details

Survey Name Marco’s Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Official Website
Purchase Required Yes
Entry Type Online
Age Limit 18 Years and Over
Survey Reward Get a Discount Code
Entry Limit One per person per receipt
Receipt Expiry 7 Days

About Marco’s Pizza

Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Marco’s Pizza is a restaurant chain and franchise that specializes in Italian American cuisine. It is the fastest growing pizza chain in the United States, with more than 500 stores.


Marco’s Pizza was founded by Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco, a native Italian, and is committed to creating authentic Italian Pizza with the freshest ingredients. Recently, Marco’s Pizza was voted number 3 by Consumer Reports.

How to Enter the Marco’s Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A Marco’s Pizza store receipt with a survey invitation.
  • A PC or mobile device with Internet access.
  • A basic understanding of English.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the time of visit and the survey code to begin.
  3. Select your order type.
  4. Specify how you place your order.
  5. Answer all survey questions.
  6. Submit the survey to get your discount code.


Take the Marco’s Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey and get a coupon code to redeem the special offer on your survey invitation/receipt. Conducting customer satisfaction surveys is only the beginning. Companies need to understand how to measure, quantify and track customer satisfaction. Without an accurate and clear idea of what needs to be measured and how to gather, analyze and use this information, no business can be successful in the current business climate.

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