Money Mart Customer Experience Survey

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Money Mart Customer Experience Survey, powered by InMoment, is a great way of sharing your customer service experience with the company. The survey is designed to gauge customer approval and disapproval over various aspects of the business. The survey is found at and helps Money Mart realize areas in which their customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with the services they received.

Customer experience surveys, often known as guest satisfaction surveys, are essential to the company conducting the survey. Your feedback is a powerful tool they use to analyze their performance, find areas in which they need to improve and allows them to retain and improve areas that make their customers happy. The main goal of the Money Mart Customer Experience Survey is to provide actionable feedback the company can implement to improve customer satisfaction.

About Money Mart

Money Mart provides financial services, such as money transfer services, check (cheque) cashing, tax preparation and payday loans. While they are mainly known for payday loans, they provide other services including cash for gold, prepaid debit cards and cash for gift card or debit card exchanges as well. Money Mart began its operations in 1982 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The American based Dollar Financial Group took it over in 1996.


Individuals interested in Money Mart services can either apply at one of their stores or, if they live in select areas, apply online through their website. They are headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and serve areas throughout Canada and the United States. While they operate, and are commonly known as Money Mart, their full official business name is the National Money Mart Company.

How to Enter the Money Mart Customer Experience Survey


You Will Need:

  • A computer, smartphone, tablet or mobile device with access to the Internet.
  • Your most recent Money Mart receipt.
  • English or Spanish reading comprehension.

Enter By Online:

  1. Enter the Money Mart Customer Experience Survey by visiting
  2. On the landing page, choose your preferred language, either English or Spanish.
  3. Once you proceed, based on your most recent Money Mart receipt, enter the following information: store number, date of visit, time of visit, transaction number and the name of the teller who worked with you.
  4. With your most recent visit in mind, answer all survey questions as truthfully and candidly as you can.
  5. Upon completion of the survey, you are eligible to receive ten chances to win $1,000 given away daily and instantly win a prize valued at $1,500 given away weekly.
  6. You will also receive a flyer allowing you a $5 discount off from their check cashing fee. Please take note of when the discount expires, so that you can use it in time.

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