Ruby’s Diner Quality Assurance Survey

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Ruby’s Diner Quality Assurance Survey, powered by Shared Insight, is designed to gauge customer satisfaction. It also allows you to voice your thought and opinions about your latest dining experience at Ruby’s. This gives you the chance to tell Ruby’s how you feel about their menu, their food, their restaurant atmosphere, the cleanliness of the restaurant and the service you received. The survey is available at and allows the restaurant managers to know how their individual restaurants are doing as well as provide key insight to areas where they need to improve.

Companies, such as Ruby’s Diner, find customer feedback a vital tool in assessing different aspects of their business. If they continually get negative feedback on the cleanliness of their restaurants, they can take the appropriate measures to implement new methods of cleaning in order to improve. If they get positive feedback on certain menu items, it all but guarantees that item is there to stay. Whether you have good or bad feedback to leave, taking a few minutes to fill out their survey increases the chance of a better dining experience for you.

About Ruby’s Diner

Ruby’s Diner is a privately-owned restaurant chain known for its unique ambiance and decor resembling the Swing Era diners of the 1940s. Their menu consists of classic American diner fare, such as hamburgers and french fries, shakes and malts and sandwiches. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ruby’s Diner was founded in 1982 and now have 35 restaurants located in Pennsylvania, New jersey and California. You can also find a Ruby’s Diner at select airports in Las Vegas and Houston.


The name Ruby originated from founder Dough Cavanaugh’s mother. You will her high school graduation picture close to the cash register in every Ruby’s Diner restaurant. Additionally, the Ruby cheesecake female character was fashioned after his mom as well.

How to Enter the Ruby’s Diner Quality Assurance Survey


You Will Need:

  • Internet access.
  • Ability to read and comprehend English.
  • Three to five minutes.
  • Your most recent Ruby’s Diner receipt.

Enter By Online:

  1. To take part in the survey, visit
  2. On the landing page, you will enter the date and time of your last visit, the card number found on the receipt and the telephone number of the Ruby’s Diner you visited.
  3. Click “take part” to proceed.
  4. With your most recent dining experience in mind, answer all the survey questions truthfully and as accurately as you can.
  5. Upon completion of the survey, you may be prompted to enter in personal information such as your email address in case Ruby’s Diner would like to contact you regarding your survey feedback.

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