Turkey Hill Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Turkey Hill is a beverage company that is known throughout the United States. Since the Great Depression, the company has depended upon the feedback of its customers to help it to become a better company and brand for its fans. Today, that custom has transformed to become an online survey that allows the company’s customers to speak their mind and share ideas with the decision makers at Turkey Hill. The Turkey Hill customer satisfaction survey can be found by visiting www.tellturkeyhill.com.

If you have recently shopped with Turkey Hill, giving the company, your feedback can help them to become a better brand for you and your family. The survey takes only a few moments away from your day. You will need your receipt to finish the survey in its entirety.

About Turkey Hill

Since 1931 in the time of the Great Depression, Turkey Hill has supplied Americans with iced tea, ice cream and other frozen snacks and beverages. The brand got its start from a farmer named Armor Frey who began bottling milk to sell to the people in his small community. As the company began to become popular, it needed a name. He would find that name by turning to his family’s home for help.


There were always wild turkeys found on the farm of Frey’s family and the words “turkey hill” were even scribed on the deed to his farm land. For this reason, Frey named his company Turkey Hill. Today, the company still boasts of this unusual name that began almost 100 years ago and has become known throughout the United States as a staple of the items it produces. Now with a headquarters in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the company is owned by Kroger, a popular grocery chain.

How to Enter the Turkey Hill Customer Satisfaction Survey

What You’ll Need:

  • Your Turkey Hill register receipt.
  • An internet connection.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit www.tellturkeyhill.com to begin the survey.
  2. Enter the date of your visit to Turkey Hill either using the text box or the drop-down calendar.
  3. Enter the time of your purchase. It will be located on your Turkey Hill receipt on the upper right portion.
  4. Enter the entry ID into the 5 text boxes.
  5. Click “start” to begin the survey or press the blue link to take the survey in Spanish.
  6. Complete the remaining series of questions that will be unique to your family’s Turkey Hill visit.
  7. Submit the survey.


Turkey Hill is a beverage and snack company that is based in history and has a unique past rooted in family. When you take the time to complete the Turkey Hill survey, letting Turkey Hill and Kroger know about your visit, Turkey Hill will become a better company for its fan base.

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