Lincolnshire Co-op Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Lincolnshire Co-op Customer Satisfaction Survey is another successful example of the kind of work that the InMoment is known for. This company takes the suggestions that their clients gives them and creates a unique survey to help their clients figure out where the company should go and how their company is perceived by customers. The opinion of the customer is everything to a business, including the Lincolnshire Co-op company.

Every company wants to connect to its base, but this can get pretty hard, especially when a company starts to grow, which is part of the reason good surveys need to be made. The Service Management Group has been on the forefront of the survey-making industry, and it has many happy clients, including the Lincolnshire Co-op. The company was able to learn how its customers feel about them and how employees treat customers, which has helped the company grow.

About Lincolnshire Co-op

The Lincolnshire Co-op is a customer independent co-operative based in the UK. The center of its operations is in Lincolnshire, though it does service many surrounding regions. It now has more than 200 outlets, and that number is growing. The company or the co-operative is owned by more than 260,000 people. Those who joined the co-operative do not only own food stores, but funeral homes, travel agencies, and even bakery homes.


Of course, just like any other co-operative, the profits are shared amongst its members. This is done through dividend payment and bonuses usually awarded at the end of the year. The company is proud to support local communities, which is probably one reason it is so popular. Its sales have gone up to an impressive £301m. They employ over 2,800 employees, but that number is probably going to grow. The co-op was founded in 1861, and it has done quite well since then.

How to Participate in the Lincolnshire Co-op Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • Access to the internet, so use a device with WIFI.
  • Should be able to understand English.
  • A receipt from the visit in question.


  1. You are going to have to visit to start this particular survey.
  2. Honesty about the experience is appreciated and will help the co-op, which will only improve service.
  3. The survey is going to ask for information located on the receipt. This will include things like the store’s ID number and the receipt number, just to name a few details.
  4. Personal information may be required so that the company contacts you should there be any follow-up questions.
  5. Keep the confirmation number given at the end of the survey, which may come in handy to claim the monthly draw prize, which is £200 in Lincolnshire Co-op vouchers.

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