Zizzi Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Powered by InMoment, the Zizzi Customer Satisfaction Survey is a tool through which the renowned Italian restaurant wants to know people’s opinions about the food served at Zizzi, along with some thoughts on the ambiance, customer service, and everything else that contribute to the restaurant dining experience.

Zizzi is a relatively new restaurant and the advances it has made within a short span could be attributed to its eagerness to listen to its diner community. In fact, the restaurant even promises to work on the negative feedback received, if one were to go by the survey page. Zizzi only works with vendors that share the restaurant’s passion for top-quality food, and customer satisfactory surveys help the restaurant find out if it really has been offering the quality it wants to.

About Zizzi

Zizzi is a pure Italian restaurant that dishes out authentic and local Italian flavors. Unlike other Italian restaurants, the food at Zizzi tastes as if a local Italian chef made them, and not a foreigner who knows how to cook Italian. Whenever most non-Italians think about Italian food, the first thing that hits their mind is pizza. Zizzi serves pizza as well, but it’s much more Italian than just pizza. Moreover, the pizzas made at Zizzi are unique in their own way, enriched with local Italian flavors and touches.


Zizzi first surfaced in 1999 in Chiswick, West London (England). During its more than 15 years of presence, Zizzi has managed to open more than 140 branches across Ireland and the United Kingdom. Besides pizza, Zizzi offers a range of other Italian food such as spiedinis, cheesecakes, etc. Not to mention, these dishes have a unique Zizzi twist as well.

How to Enter the Zizzi Customer Satisfaction Survey


You Will Need:

  • A computer or mobile device equipped with Internet.
  • A Zizzi customer receipt (optional).
  • Ability to read and understand English.

Enter By Online:

  1. For the survey, head to www.tellzizzi.com.
  2. To proceed further, type in the 12-digit survey code that can be referenced from the Zizzi receipt. Those without the receipt can also participate in the survey. There’s a link right next to the survey code box. Click the link and you would be taken to an alternative route to enter the survey. On this page, you would be asked details about the restaurant branch you visited.
  3. Answer the questions taking into consideration your dining experience at Zizzi.
  4. Be honest and candid with your responses.
  5. As an expression of gratitude, Zizzi offers a £5 discount voucher to people who complete this survey. The discount voucher code would be sent to the surveyed person’s email within 24-hours post survey completion. The code can be used during the next visit to any Zizzi restaurant. In addition, having completed the survey also means you enter a prize draw where you could win £1,000.

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