Thorntons Guest Survey

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Powered by the Service Management Group, the Thorntons Guest Survey is used by the company to determine how satisfied or dissatisfied its customers are when they shop at Thorntons. Knowing how the customers felt heading out of the store helps the company learn quite a lot about how it’s faring.

With the survey, Thorntons’ keen on learning several variables of its business. For instance, besides trying to find out whether specific products were available for purchase, Thorntons is also keen on knowing if its customers were happy with the actual product quality and if there was anything left to be desired. Thorntons takes its store ambiance and customer service seriously and wants customers to reflect their thoughts on the same. Thorntons is also extremely wary about its competition and wants to know if its customers see them as a potent alternative to Thorntons.

About Thorntons

Thorntons Inc. is a company that strives to provide the best retail shopping experience out of the city, where people are usually on the go and require a place to relax momentarily. The place offers a variety of wonderful food, including a range of drinks. In fact, Thorntons sells approximately 37 million fountain drink cups every year. The thing that most people on the road are likely to run short of is fuel, and Thorntons has that covered as well.


Unlike other gas outlets, Thorntons takes a more holistic approach and is also on the cutting-edge of technology. It has its own dedicated mobile app that consumers can use to be notified of any fresh deals that come by. Moreover, registered members can shop on the app so that they have their items ready for pickup by the time they reach the store.

How to Enter the Thorntons Guest Survey


You Will Need:

  • A buyer receipt.
  • A mobile device or computer connected to the Internet.
  • The ability to read and understand English.

Enter By Online:

  1. To start the survey, type and press Enter. You would then be greeted by a guest survey page where you would be asked to type in a 17-digit code that accompanied your receipt when you last shopped at Thorntons.
  2. Once you’ve typed in the correct code, you would be presented with a set of choice-based questions relating to your shopping at Thorntons. However, there are questions that seek you to be a bit more elaborative.
  3. Be frank with your answers.
  4. Most of the questions would revolve around your last shopping experience, and the item(s) you bought. Since the store is primarily a gas station, it’s also keen on knowing how and where the gas was delivered.
  5. Thorntons runs a loyalty program called Refreshing Rewards. If you are a member of the program, you would automatically be eligible for Thorntons’ sweepstakes program after completing the survey.

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