Tillys Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tillys Customer Satisfaction Survey, managed by ForeSee, was designed to measure their customer’s approval or disapproval with the company’s customer service and the products they offer. The survey, found at www.tillys.com/survey, allows Tilly’s to identify any problem areas they need to address and in which ways they are satisfying their customers. It is important to Tilly’s to know how their customers are being treated in their stores and how happy they are with their products.

Leaving your feedback is a great way of letting your voice be heard and any issues you have to be known to the company. Customer feedback is an integral part of any business and many companies have changed the way they do things, how they train their employees and which products they offer based on surveys just like the Tillys customer satisfaction survey.

About Tilly’s

Tilly’s was originally known as World of Jeans and Tops and operates a website and specialty retail stores selling action-sports clothing, equipment, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. Their specialty is selling skating, motocross, snowboarding and surfboard merchandise. Tilly’s sells a mix of name brands like Billabong, Levi’s, Hurley, Neff, Fox, Vans, Quiksilver and LRG as well as their own brands like Infamous, Blue Crown, Full Tilt and RSQ.


Tilly’s are found in shopping malls, shopping centers and stand-alone stores. There are more than two hundred locations, with about half of them located in California. It was founded in 1982 and incorporated in 2010. The first store was opened in Orange County, California and now spans thirty states. The company recently announced that they were planning on expanding to five hundred stores soon.

How to Enter the Tillys Customer Satisfaction Survey


You will need:

  • Your most recent Tilly’s receipt.
  • Access to the Internet.
  • Ability to read English.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit www.tillys.com/survey.
  2. Enter all information on the opening page from your most recent receipt like when you made your purchase, the store number, the register number, the transaction number.
  3. Choose your age category.
  4. Fill out the captcha.
  5. Select the choice that best answers each statement as accurately as possible.
  6. Add any additional thoughts, experiences or feedback in your own words when prompted.
  7. Choose if you wish to be contacted by Tilly’s if they want additional information based on your feedback and enter in your contact information if you choose yes.
  8. If you would like to be entered into their prize drawing as a reward for completing the survey, fill out the personal information page.
  9. The survey is complete when you are thanked for your time and your information was successfully submitted.

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  • Tilly’s Website: https://www.tillys.com/

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