Vintage Inns Guest Satisfaction Survey

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One of the hottest subjects in the business world is customer/guest experience. Over the past few years, the term has been increasingly appearing in a variety of discussions centered on customer service, corporate strategy, and general business management. However, despite the increased attention it is receiving, the topic of improving customer/guest experience is still causing great consternation. Many businesses are still struggling to connect the dots between the daily processes and procedure within a business that determine customer experience and the external factors influencing that experience. This struggle causes uncertainty, thereby delaying the adoption of simple changes or measures that could lead to better customer experience.

Fortunately, this problem can be avoided by a simple change in perspective. Businesses can improve customer experience in many ways while simultaneously the efficiency as a whole. Guest experience is the overall quality of all interactions a guest has with a business, its services and products. This includes pre-sale and post-sale interactions. The Vintage Inns Guest Satisfaction Survey is designed to help the company improve the experience it provides its guests. When you complete this online questionnaire, you will help the company’s management and employees understand your needs, where they are falling short, and what you love about the company.

Unfortunately, many businesses are simply not in touch with how their guests/customers feel or what they really need. Businesses that truly offer superb guest experiences are those that listen to their guests and analyze what their guests are saying, in order to know where their brand experience falls short. Such businesses breathe and live the voice of the customer. Guest satisfaction surveys are one of the most effective and traditional ways of eliciting guest feedback. They achieve a few things that other more trendy channels of feedback such as Twitter, online reviews and chat transcripts are not able to achieve.

About Vintage Inns

Vintage Inns is one of the most established pub brands in the United Kingdom, with approximately 200 locations across the UK. The company’s pub restaurants offer an excellent selection of ales and serve traditional dishes. Each location has a welcoming environment and plenty of rustic charm. Some of the restaurants are located next to innkeeper’s lodges with comfortable bed and breakfast rooms.


How to Enter the Vintage Inns Guest Satisfaction Survey

You will need:

  • A survey invitation from a Vintage inns restaurant.
  • A computer or mobile device with Internet access
  • A basic understanding of English

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the restaurant phone number or click the link provided if you cannot find the number on your receipt.
  3. Answer all survey questions.
  4. Submit the survey.


Guest satisfaction surveys provide several key benefits that businesses are not able to find through other guest feedback platforms. However, to leverage the full advantage of the Vintage Inns Guest Satisfaction Survey, the company has built its survey program into a broader guest experience management initiative to capture the holistic voice of the customer.

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