Vitamin World Guest Satisfaction Survey

———-The Survey is now Closed!———-

Powered by ForeSee, the Vitamin World guest satisfaction survey is a tool through which Vitamin World wants to know how happy its customers are with its offerings and if the company is truly making a difference in the lives and health of its buyers. Available at, the survey’s goal isn’t just to collate appreciation and get an ego massage. In fact, the primary goal is to find out if there are things customers would like to see changed or enhanced at Vitamin World.

As aforementioned, the survey is available on a site that is managed by ForeSee. ForeSee is an independent firm that is working on Vitamin World’s behalf. The feedback collected through the survey would be used by Vitamin World and ForeSee to assess customer satisfaction, and kept confidential otherwise. Vitamin World wants to see some constructive criticism coming its way too so that it can find out where it’s going wrong and how it can improve on those areas for better future products and services.

About Vitamin World

Vitamin World is a health and nutrition leader. Having started business in 1977, wellness has been the company’s passion at all times. Based in the United States, Vitamin World sources its ingredients from across the globe. However, it’s extremely picky about the vendors or suppliers it partners with, since quality is its topmost priority. In other words, every Vitamin World product you buy has undergone rigorous testing.


Vitamin World is not just passionate about health and nutrition but also has set out on a mission to ensure that all its customers are always in the best of health. Whether the buyer is a health guru or a total nutrition novice, Vitamin World would come in handy. The company’s stores have some of the friendliest and extremely professional associates who help stranded customers get to their destination when in the store.

How to Enter the Vitamin World Guest Satisfaction Survey


You Will Need:

  • A computer or mobile device equipped with Internet.
  • A valid receipt from Vitamin World.
  • Ability to read and understand English or Spanish.

Enter By Online:

  1. For the survey, head to
  2. On the page, you would be asked to choose your preferred language. Select the language and proceed.
  3. To move ahead with the survey, you should provide the following information: date of purchase, receipt number, and age details. All of this information would be available on your Vitamin World receipt, except for your age.
  4. Next, answer the questions based on your last shopping experience at the store.
  5. Respond to the questions in an honest and candid manner, to make the process beneficial both for you and Vitamin World.
  6. For having participated in this survey, you would receive a discount coupon which you may redeem during your next purchase at Vitamin World.

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