Miller & Carter Guest Satisfaction Survey

The Miller & Carter Guest Satisfaction Survey is available all year to customers of the steakhouse. It is an opportunity to share thoughts and obtain a free treat on the next visit through a voucher. Don’t miss this chance.

The restaurant has already built a good reputation but it does not want to rest on its laurels. They want to know what they did well and what they could do better. Point them in the right direction through your answers.

About Miller & Carter

This is a UK steakhouse chain that takes pride in offering the best of Irish and British beef. All ingredients are carefully sourced with local farms being preferred. They also provide excellent cocktails to complete the dining experience.


All of the steaks are hand-cut by their butchers and aged for 30-days to get full flavor and premium grade. There are 13 types available. Choose how you want yours to be cooked and which sauce you wish to go with it. Pair it with a good wine from the menu.

How to Participate in the Miller & Carter Guest Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A few minutes to answer the questions.
  • A web-enabled device.
  • A reliable Internet service.


  1. Go to the survey site at
  2. The welcome page will provide the rationale for the survey’s existence. It will also encourage you to join by informing you about the free treat voucher that will be sent upon completion. You may check the links to the privacy policy and the terms and conditions. Click NEXT to proceed.
  3. Begin by specifying the site which you visited. You may type the name of the town or the branch on the search box to generate results. Select the right one from the list.
  4. Specify the date and time range of the visit using the options provided.
  5. Describe the nature of your order. Did you get brunch, lunch, drinks, or something else?
  6. Rate the establishment based solely on this encounter. On a scale of 0 to 10, determine the likelihood that you will recommend the steakhouse to your friends.
  7. You will be presented with several statements regarding the restaurant. They will deal with the value for money, food quality, atmosphere, cleanliness, customer service, and so on. Pick your level of agreement with each of them.
  8. Think back to that day and try to remember what exactly made you like the experience. Write in as much detail as you can about it. Do the same thing for the things that weren’t so good to help them improve.
  9. Again, there will be statements that will require your assessment. This time they will revolve around the service and the food. Inform them of any items that were unavailable.
  10. If you received exceptional service from any of the staff, tell them about it so that the person can be recognized by the management.
  11. Specify your frequency of visits to the steakhouse. Suggest ways to make visits even more enticing.
  12. You will reach the thank you page. Tick the box if you wish to receive the voucher. A separate consent form is also present for other notifications. Enter your contact details.

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Miller & Carter is a great UK steakhouse with premium cuts and excellent wine. Head over for a treat and join the survey.

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