Old English Inns Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Supposing a customer service representative dropped a glass of juice in a customer’s lap, chances are the customer will have a look on his/her face that will tell how he/she feels. In the online age, unfortunately, customer service personnel are not always face to face with customers, particularly if the business is adding lots of customers rapidly and scaling fast. However, that does not mean businesses are off the hook for focusing on their customer experience. There are various tools for collecting customer feedback, the best of which is a customer satisfaction survey. The Old English Inns Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to provide the company with a wealth of information it would never know about with other methods.

To fully leverage the potential of customer satisfaction surveys, businesses should carefully analyze the results and implement changes or improvements promptly. Successful business owners and executives know that keeping customers costs significantly less than acquiring new ones. If certain things are driving customers away, a business may end up spending large sums of money on advertising to recruit more customers. Weakness in the quality and delivery of products and/or services leads to unhappy customers.

Therefore, Old English Inns are using an online customer satisfaction survey to collect candid feedback that will help them offer the best customer experience. As a token of appreciation for taking the survey, they will treat you to a free dessert on your next visit.

About Old English Inns


Old English Inns are a group of some of the UK’s historic hotels and pubs inns, loved for their hospitality and warmth and steeped in history. Whether taking some time off in a hotel or escaping to a pub, guests fall in love with the crooked walls, cozy bars, and low beams. The company operates more than 100 company locations in some of the most stunning parts of the country across 24 counties.

How to Enter the Old English Inns Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A purchase receipt with a survey invitation
  • A computer or mobile device with Internet access
  • A basic understanding of English

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit www.youroldenglishinn.co.uk.
  2. To begin click ‘Take Part’.
  3. Select a location, date of visit, and time of visit.
  4. Answer all questions.
  5. Provide your contact information to be entered into a prize draw.
  6. Submit the survey.


Customer satisfaction surveys are an essential tool for improving a business and ensuring its customers are satisfied and loyal. Studies show satisfied customers purchase more often and develop loyalty to a company or brand. They also spread the word to their friends and family by recommending products and/or services. Essentially, they act as informal promoters. A customer satisfaction survey provides businesses with specific information about good and bad perceptions, which could help improve sales and marketing efforts. Due to the increased use of social media, such perceptions are increasingly important because one negative comment could be seen by thousands of potential clients.

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